What did we learn

So this trailer for The Old Republic honestly puts the game in a decent light. If I'd never played an MMO before, I'd really want to play this, and would think it's the next greatest thing.

Perhaps it is, or perhaps I'm bitter, or biased. I can accept all these things.

My problem with TOR right now is that too many people are talking about it, and what they say isn't revolutionary. There's a video from E3 where one of the devs does a walkthrough on Tatooine. He shows speeders and some cool things, but there are some things in there that well, they concern me for a MMO. I'll link to it here in a bit, but focus on this.

The game allows you to make irreversible decisions. I'm for that, when I can make them. It's enticing and allows you to really bond with the character you've made because of those choices. I'm against it when they can be made by people in my part on my behalf because those people got a higher score on an invisible roll. See the difference. I'll mention that Bioware cleaned that up for me in the following trailer, where they explain that you will receive points based off yoru intentions despite the outcome of the decision. That might be cool, but it still puts me off on wanting to group (unless I know the party.

The game also allows you to have companion NPC's, which is fairly cool for those of us that want to solo (SOLO MMO is another post), but in his trailer, he has a hard time getting a group (at E3 no less). I combine that with the original design philosophy of waving at people is social, and the dancing from the video above, and I wonder, how much of the game is actual gameplay, and how much of it is watching people talk.

Ultimately I wonder how much of this game is going to be something they couldn't do when they made the NGE for Galaxies. I have alot of pent up frustration toward LucasArts for how things were implemented, and I'd hate to see Bioware do the same, but well, who knows at this point.

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