Way2Fail: A Late to the Party Post

I mention this, because well, it's a first for me. I installed Hitman:Codename 47 after getting it a while ago in a Steam Sale. Sure the game is from 2000, and it's a lotta bit rough, and PC exclusive but man.

That is the worst keyboard control setup ever. I'm not one to quit a game, but when WASD controls have S for moving forward and W for running, you know you're off to a bad start. I say that considering Half Life and many other games were out by then with the setup you wanted and layout that works for what you were going for.

I know, obviously,Hitman as a series has expanded and grown to not have such a shabby start, but I actually decided Codename 47, might be another game I don't finish (especially since I already started something else.

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