Infinitely BioShock

BioShock was a huge letdown to me. Maybe it was because it was a mediocre shooter/puzzler, and all the hype about it being an open world where your decisions affected the outcome really were more in concept than in execution. It had some great environments, and a solid concept setting, but it just didn't deliver for me, and I realize that I'm in the minority in that respect.

That's why I'm taking Bioshock:Infinite with a huge grain of salt. I didn't get Bioshock until it was like less that 20, so I couldn't be too outraged, and honestly, I may not get Infinite unless Steam does a great sale on it. Video's like this walkthrough, help setup the setting, but not the narrative and this game is vastly brighter and less gloomy than the original, which inspires me to be more interested.

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