For as much flak as the Prequel Trilogy gets

It never really fails to amaze me hot much people hate the Prequel Trilogy in Star Wars. Episodes 1-3, for (in some cases good reason) are panned as the worst thing to come out, yet people love the content that is directly based on them. Take this trailer for TOR for example: Naboo looking interiors, Prequel Trilogy plot, clone trooper designs, tons of lightsabers, Qui-Gon looking jedi masters.

Not one thing in here looks to be influenced by the original 3 movies, unless you count space rocks, but even those look more like the Boba/Obi-Wan fight than the Han/Boba fight.

Who knows. It's a great trailer, and the game is all but confirmed to be exactly what I thought (single player MMO, which is fine for me), so I'll take my prequel trilogy influence and sit in the corner.

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