A Lifetime of waiting

So, I'm still in my DCUO induced fan coma, where I love the game. Is that a bad thing, I think not. I do have to tell you though, the game is not what you think of as a traditional MMO. I've said this a few times, and then I have people play it, and get upset about the game. It's not Champions Online, It's not City of Heroes, it is DCUO. Honestly it probably feels more akin to Crackdown 2 than an MMO, with a deeper combat system and a whole lot of people playing.

Is that a good thing? I think so.

Your mileage may vary.

But one thing is true, the game has had a pretty smooth and successful launch. I apologize for missing last Fridays post, real life (and DCUO) have a way of making time fly, but to update, I'm at day 5 of my buddy code access. My copy is on the way, and I'm at level 19 out of 30 on my only toon. I've probably only played 3 of the 5 days I've been active for, and yes, I am leveling fast. I do that.

Part of me is worried about capping a toon in 10 days (that will probably happen). I think, man if I can do that in the trial, then what will I do with a lifetime subscription. It's a fair question. I'm not the first person to cap a toon on DCUO by far, nor will I be the last. But I think the answer to that is that I will have fun.

The game has alot of polish, and alot of things to work toward.

Not just from the Hero side, but also the villain. Essentially both sides have the same options, Meta, Magic and Tech, there's a mentor for each on good and evil. That's not counting the Green Lantern expansion we know they're making for the movie. That's not counting the promised content updates. This game, while it's not perfect, has alot to offer me, and so far, it's made sure that offer is incredibly enticing.

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