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Despite a minor setback in the delivery of my copy, I managed to get into DCUO tonight for a bit. At first glance, the customization is a bit limited, but the gameplay definitely expands. Somehow I lost an hour, just doing the tutorial, and I generally count that as a good thing, when I think only 10 minutes has gone by.

The game uses both the left and right mouse key, and despite first opinions actually plays pretty decent with the keyboard. You may have to map some keys to your liking, but I could see continuing the game without the Xbox controller, if I didn't already have one. Graphically, you can't really compare it to CoH or Champions, since rather than a hand drawn feel, you get a solid model. The game is large though, with my download being 12.1 GB. I'm assuming that included whatever launch day patch was, and hopefully I'll be in and lifetimed up here in the next few days.

One thing that is fun off the bat is the travel powers. Being inspired by Nightwing moreso than Batman, I made a 2 gun wielding fire based acrobat. I know 2 of those things have nothing to do with Nightwing, but it felt like me. I wish the game allowed for a bit more variety in body shapes other than huge medium and kid, but that's not something that's a big deal. Just in exiting the tutorial and landing in Gotham on the Zero Hour server I saw a range of heroes with none of them looking alike. I haven't confirmed the total for toons per account, but with the appearance tab (once you collect an item, you can sell it later, but keep it's appearance) you can always stay powerful and stylish at the same time.

While I only got through the tutorial, before I logged to write this, I plan to have a bit more coverage of this fun game, but here's a bit of something to chew on from the forums.

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