This is what I was waiting for.

By now, it should be fairly apparent, that I support DLC as a means of continuing the story presented in a game. While I don't think DLC should be an alternative to a game or proper sequel (Dragon Age: Awakenings), I do think it's a viable way to extend the life of a good story that grabbed my attention.

So I'm glad we're finally getting some Shadow Broker DLC for Mass Effect 2. The Shadow Broker, in case you haven't played is a shady information dealer that Liara is trying to track down. It was one of the more interesting undeveloped plotlines to me in the game, and I honestly hope that however we resolve the DLC, those choices get taken into effect in Mass Effect 3.

I like what Mass Effect has done, definitively becoming the best action movie you want to see, while keeping your choices intact, and it's offerings for DLC will probably continue to bring mroe hours to a game tha I think everyone should play.

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