The Brave and the Bold

I tend to have this wierd relationship with Peter Molyneux and LionHead studios. I tend to want to sign on to their projects and even though I know from the outside that things are very wierd, I stay for the long run. It started with Black and White (a game that I have no idea where it physically is), and moved on with Fable 2. I was gunshy with Fable, and I probably will still pick it up on PC one day.

Fable 3 is definitely going in that same direction of having a persistent world with really wierd things happening that somehow ends up being fun. The video in the latter part of this post shows some more as you can tell the developers at some point in time were focused on the burp dynamics and making sure it was just perfect for the date they were showcasing.

Ultimately, I know this will be another game I pick up, and probably more DLC as well, and thats not a bad thing in this scenario. Special thanks to GameTrailers for their footage from the GDC.

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