Revisiting old friends

I'm starting to consider myself "Uber".

It's not because of anything in particular, moreso because of the lack of new things the beat. I've recently gone and started a second Mass Effect 2 game, with my ME1 import, so I can get the last few badges I don't already have. I also did it, so like Dragon Age, I can experience the DLC content from a position of useful, and not go into it with a story that's already complete.

While in Dragon Age, continuing on with DLC after the fact makes sense because it can be unrelated to the story (depending on the ending you choose), it doesn't work that way in Mass Effect 2, since very literally you are creating a team for a suicide mission. Doing missions to recruit and gain the loyalty of someone to help you on a mission you've already completed, just doesn't work. So far though, I've found the DLC to be a fairly fun extension of the game.

I recruited Kasumi, a master theif, who unlike Zaeed the mercenary actually has an interesting mission. Don't get me wrong, the Zaeed mission is ok, but in comparison to the loyalty missions of the rest of the crew, his is pretty lame. I haven't finished the Overload DLC yet though as I hope to start it after I finish up some of the loyalty missions. As it actually sits outside of the story, I think it might even wait until I can get everyone to survive the suicide mission. Then it's just a matter of getting my toon up to level 30 for a badge, lol.


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