Looking backward and forward

The announcement of the last of the Dragon Age: Origins DLC is a welcomed surprise. Bioware is particularly busy this year all the content from Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age:Origins, Awakenings, and Dragon Age 2, not to mention The Old Republic.

I like their work ethic. It means I'll have games to play.

Witch Hunt is billed as the dramatic closure to the Dragon Age:Origins story, and honestly, it's one I've been waiting for. Not just because of the way Morrigan left, but the reasons, and it's out on Sept 7. So pick it up.

Also of Bioware/Dragon Age news is the cinematic release trailer for Dragon Age 2!

Does it tell us anything about the story, no cept maybe ogre's look better.
Does it sum up any new characters other than the main, not in the least.
Does it do anything other than look cool. Not really, but man does it look good.

See for yourself!

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