Pacific City is a horrible place to live.

12 hours in and Crackdown to is completed.

Not 100% all achievements completed, but 540, burned through the main story completed. This is on the regular (tough) mode. The game is short, but adds some fun to the mix.

First, the enemies are a bit more consistent. Similar to the original game, expect tougher versions of Cell and the Freaks as you go to the next island. The nice part they added though, is that you have more weapons and abilities at your disposal this time around. Expect to take a light pole and play baseball every now and then.

Also expect to get shot in the face with a chaingun. It's going to happen. the sooner you get used to the idea the better. Expect to be frustrated by some big hitters with alot of health in a samll area where it's not too wise you use your enhanced explosive abilities.

Now even though I burned about 12 hours on the game, a lot of that was spent inside a friends game. When you're in a friends game, you can still level your agent (which is nice), and you help them complete the objectives. Then you can come back to your game with more skills, or completed races or rings. The challenge level is drastically reduced when there is a econd agent in play, and not because the game tries less, but more because agents can be that overwhelming.

Now, I've spoken with people that just don't get it. Crackdown isn't about the challenge or the story. It's about the sandbox. Running through the challenge again with a friend is just as fun knowing what to expect as it was not knowing. The enemies are just as dangerous the next time as they were the first, and somehow even though you scoured the area, there still seems to be an agility orb hovering in the air that you missed.

And not one of those pesky rogue orbs. A regular stationary one.

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