Back on target

Despite my initial judgement, I eventually did pick up the Onslaught DLC and the SPECTACT DLC for Battlefield:BC2. The good part is they deliver on fun.

Well one does. The other makes me look good.

I realize that DLC really forces me to end up keeping any game I might be inclined to trade in. I recently completed COD4:Modern Warfare, and I mean 37/37 achievements completed. It's a grand feat, in fact my first game to finish all the achievements, and now I find myself being torn on a reason to keep the game. I will because, it's actually a fun shooter to play through, but with almost 3 sequels having been released in the COD line, it's not my go to for shooters.

I think in that aspect Battlefield is playing a bit unfair. I know I wouldn't get rid of Dragon Age, simply because of my love for it, but within a second playthrough (and an alt ending) I should have just about all the badges there as well. While Dragon Age keeps releasing DLC that requires the main game to play, and is fun and engaging, Battlefield is releasing games hat should have been on the disk, (and in fact actually are on the disk).

It's a smart move, and a ballsy one, considering how obvious it is.

So here's what I think Battlefield should have done.
1) Since we have to pay for Onslaught, add map packs to Onslaught that are free for VIP, and pay for others. That makes Onslaught an actual investment worth time, not just badges.


2) Add another type of game, that again is free for VIP and pay for everyone else. Then add support for it.

Also show Squad Deathmatch some love and new levels.

Considering how big the game is to EA, it's been a surprisingly near-sighted event. I'm having fun, but it's not clearing the huge hurdle of best team based game. That's still sitting in Team Fortress's hands.

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