This should have been in release

Now I actually enjoy Battlefield Bad Company 2, but I'm not crazy. EA convinced us that being a VIP member (basically buying the game new) was going to be a huge benefit, but overall we aren't getting much more. The free map packs are just versions of gameplay that should have been in the game to begin with. I like Rush and Conquest. I really like them when the teams are balanced, and I really, really like them when the X360 server doesn't boot me to the loading screen for no reason as well.

To be fair, the last one doesn't happen to me so much as it happens to a friend of mine when I'm in his group (and as such then happens to me).

Onslaught, the first actual DLC in my opinion that adds some new gameplay, would have been one of the game types I would have expected as a reward for VIP members. Especially considering that when you play Onslaught, you're playing against bots as opposed to people. It is the equivalent of Special Ops from Modern Warfare 2, except it wasn't on the disk and you can play with a full sqaud as opposed to just 3 people.

There is a lot for which I am willing to give EA, in their war against Gamestop, but right now, my hopes for Medal of Honor being anything other than EA's Modern Warfare is pretty low.

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