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I realize this year is literally trying to overwhelm me with games and DLC.

I just finished Crackdown 2 earlier this week, and I'm seeing screens released today for DLC for Red Dead Redemption. The great part is that it means I'll always have something to do, the bad part is, I'll just be handing my paycheck over to Best Buy.

Red Dead as a game is something, that I couldn't love, like some people do. It's ending is foreshadowed, and any reasonable person should be able to see it coming, and the rest of the story is pretty heavy handed. That being said, the world itself with it's persistent environment and random genereated events actually is a fun place to explore. The game is georgeous, and open, and like Crackdown 2 very much so alive. Though Crackdown often times will leave you saying what are these people doing out at this time of night/day.

Overally though, the biggest thing these two have in common, in fact just about all the games I've gotten this year, is that they all are extended by having DLC. And not just DLC, but badges. So far only GTA:IV and Dragon Age:Origins have really delved into second episodes for DLC, but for the price that content is being released it gives me more reason not to turn it in.

More games could learn from that.

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