Revisiting Crackdown

The original Crackdown is one tough game to follow. The beauty of the game is that it allows you to problem solve, and it just presents persistent problems. The first being to actually find the bosses you're looking for and the second being to figure out a way to kill them. On top of that it like to throw in the benefit of searching for new orbs, the threat of incoming gamg members trying to kill you and the distractions of just watching a living city. It's a marvel that the game is as large as it is, and as old as it is.

I've had my copy as long as I've had my X360, and the game was the one that gave the Halo 3 intro. So when i look to Crackdown 2, I'm looking for in a way more of the same, and in another way a much larger experience. I like the armored suits, but I also want character customization. It was nice to pick from a range of generic would be head busters to find one you most identified with, but he never became me per se.

On top of that, I want more interiors. I always find it interesting when game developers create a sandbox with open interiors. It's nice to not have to be in an instance, and to break through a glass ceiling to escape or enter a situation.

I'm also hoping that this mutant plague isn't too crazy. I like a challenge, but the general intent with mutants is to just annoy you. If these are the guys that are following you on across rooftop jumps and such great. If they're grabbing you and stopping you from just jumping away so you have to figure out a way to deal with them or escape great. If they're just flooding the area with no real threat, booo!

Overall though, I trust your decisions. You haven't failed my expectations so far, and it doesn't look like you're about to!

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