Obsidian: the Ted McGinly of game studios

Ok, I know game development is a long tough process. I get that it takes alot of people a lot of late nights, and broken promises, time effort and money to make a video game.

I know alot of people do it on a daily basis, and what you start out for probably isn't what you end up with.

But I also know some studios, just make sloppy work.

So when I read something like Obsidian has another game contract, it makes me wonder if they stay in work because larger companies want some kind of way to retire titles where they can make money, but have fans not expect or demand another one.

I played the Original Dungeon Siege. I never finished it. I can imagine it got better as I went, but I could never bring myself to keep going. I just didn't care that much about searching dungeons, no harm no foul, it was there on the front. I knew there was a second one, and I imagine the people who were excited about the first really jumped at it. I don't remember a big huzzah over it, so I figure it did ok. Now the third is announced and Obsidian along with it, and...


I still don't care.

It just amazes me that they are getting alot of work doing sequels of established IP's, but I never hear of any of them being good. So my theory stands.

And if you don't know who Ted McGinley is, it this charming guy to my right, who was like a swan song addition to shows in 80's.

They all seemed to dies after he joined them, or so the joke goes.

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