I can't bring myself to do it.

Alpha Protocol may well be a fine game. It might even be decent. It might not. I can't bring myself to engage with it as a game though, because it's makes have been involved in killing franchises.

People love to say KOTOR's not dead, it's making a MMO, but that's not exactly the case. Sure BioWare is making an MMO, and it's set in The Old Republic (thus the name), but there was never a KOTOR 3. Never a follow up that explained the events and subsequent happenings fo the people you were involved with in a Single Player Experience. It's like trying to say WoW is the direct successor to WarCraft 3. Sure you are playing in the aftermath, but you don't have the influence that you had with the solo game. You're just living in the world.

Now that last paragraph was distraction. The real problem I have on an emotional level with Alpha Protocol is the makes. I admit I didn't play KOTOR 2, but I haven't heard anyone that I know say anything good about it, and not just from a gameplay standpoint, but from a this game actually works without bugs point. That was the first thing that put me off. The second is that it seems to be an espionage RPG that wants to steal a bit from Mass Effect 1. Now ME1 was a fine game and all, but you just can't want to go in and take what they had, especially now that they have released a second, vastly improved game. Thirdly, the game was delayed a while and still has/had these problems. It just never sits well with me when people request more time to get it right, and still deliver a moderate game.

Again, I haven't played it, this is just based off the response I have from people who have. I could be totally wrong, but when the people who pre-ordered it respond with, it's not that bad as the first comment, I tend to just add it to the list of games to which I say:

"Move Along"

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