Contextual Killer!

Splinter Cell: Conviction was a surprise.

Not a surprise in the typical manner that I thought it would be one thing and ti was another, but more so in that when I first saw the info about it months ago, I wanted it. Then I forgot about it. Then I bought it in response to a friend and enjoyed it.

I can't remember if I've ever played another Splinter Cell game (though I know I played part of one), but this one was everything I would've wanted. True the main story is short, as is the CO-Op story, but the other game modes more than make up the difference. You'll be playing hunter for a while, if only to get caught and have more people to kill.

The really annoying thing to me though is that these people I'm about to kill talk alot. I know some purists complain about the execute ability, but you can pull off some smooth kills with it, and some even better ones in Co-op. Case in point, me and my friend Giest404 were in the co-op story. I'd already tagged 2 bad guys, and he'd tagged 2, He just happened to be jumping over a low wall, when I hit the execute and he joined in. Mid-air, 4 kills. He didn't know I was about to fire it cause they'd just seen me, so I had to, but the result: Beautiful.

Ubisoft reall has a thing for contextual content though, and you will occasionally find it very annoying here. It is something like Assassin's Creed though, where once you get used to what to expect, you move and kill fluently.

Boldly even. - Buy this game.

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