A few days out

Usually I take a few days and really think about a game a few days after I finish it. I try to take some time, and take in the good and bad as well as how I feel about the game experience that I just finished. Sometimes it doesn't take that long (for good or bad).

Splinter Cell is definitely in that category of not needing alot of time.

The best part about the game to me is how natural you get with the controls and context. When I first started it, I really wanted to lose the black and white context of being in shadow, but now, I can't imagine the game without it. There is a great feeling of knowing that you are in cover, and that you need to be careful as you move about if you don't want to be seen.

This game, while about stealth is about planning and options.

Playing the main game through on Realistic is a blast, and honestly not as hard as one might think, since knowing the terrain I can plan my moves alot better than when I was stumbling through on normal.

But none of that can compare to the replay options with Hunter. Moving through and killing people that don't know you're there is fantastic, and if you step that up with infiltration and kill through without being seen, even better.

The mian thing I'm hoping for in support is more maps. Having that will extend this games already long lifespan.

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