Awakening the Age of Dragons

Forgive me for missing Monday's post, but I'm going back for more in BioWare's Dragon Age Universe. Awakenings is surprising in that it is a full expansion, akin to The Lost and the Damned for GTA:4. It is totally downloadable, or you purchase the disk version. Either way you're probably spending about $40.

But it's worth it. I spent just at 60 hours in the runthrough of Origins. That's the time the game had for me when I beat the last boss. That's not counting the time spent from death, and when I went down alternate routes to try to get a save that will allow me to see the other decisions I could have made.

Now I know Awakenings will not be as diverse as Origins (nor oculd I expect it to be), but it is looking to be something like an added 15 hours to my total experience. The best part about it though, is that it's a solid Dragon Age experience with tons of experience and money to be made in the expansion. The only thing that it makes you wish is that you could transfer your character back to the main game (since you can already import your character from Origins).

Overall impressions though, there's some more fun to be had in Awakenings, if you enjoyed the original game. You can tell BioWare is planning on expanding the Dragon Age universe, and there are tons of lands, history and people that can still be explored. Depending on your character level if you import though, you may find this content to be fairly easy, but if you enjoyed Awakenings, you probably didn't enjoy it for the combat difficulty.

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