So the Super version of the Fourth Street Fighter is upon us, and while it's offerings substantially increase in comparison to it's predecessor, it's price does not.

That is to say Super Street Fighter IV has a ton of characters, moves and modes (including a tournament mode set for free later on this year), but not a high price. $39.99 is a steal considering the extra $20 gamers usually have to pay for a brand new game.

If you haven't been following up on this game (shame on you), 35 characters make the roundup this time. Most of them range from previous incarnations, but 2 of them are brand new and look incredibly fun to play. Word on the street is that Seth is less cheap this time and more skillful (I'll believe it when I see it), and that all the characters are available from the start. That last one's a really nice part as it's only mildly fun to play through arcade mode just unlock a toon. It also puts a huge emphasis on the arcade/online play which honestly is what any fighter is about.

Don't want to fight strangers, this game has tons of modes to group up with your friends and keep the smash talking and fist throwing going well into the night.

All that, and it's only $39.99.

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