Now that's just gosh darned ridiculous.

I image that at some point in time, if you have what has been considered by the guiness book of world records as the Most Successful All-Time Entertainment Launch, that you would want to keep that franchise working as close to identical as possible.

I realize why I stopped playing Modern Warfare 2, and it wasn't because of Battlefield. It was because I was getting tired of fighting the same fight consistently. I figured that by now, they should have had more maps available (especially compared to the total amount of content Treyarch had put out with World at War), and that the world should have developed at least a little.

On the plus side, I was able to use Live and MW2 to convince a friend of mine to start using live, so thanks for that IW.

But back on track, I can't see why Activision is so determined to mess this up. At this point you guys had one of the largest franchises, making a ton of money. I wish there was something you could do to make it right, but honestly I think I'm just going to have to wait and see what Respawn can do.

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