Battlefield Frustrating

So after playing Battlefield for a few days now (and a few of those days in HD), I can confirm one thing with certainty. The game is inconsistent in the experience you will receive. In one set you may be winning with a great sqaud, and in the next you're dying at every corner. Now that is to be expected with any shooter, but somehow the games balance seems to be slightly off. There are a lot of frustrating things about the game (like getting into and out of a mode, or joining friends in a game), and some things they could have streamlined. But it is very satisfying to bring a building down expecially with an objective inside.

Though one would imagine that with a game so heavy on destruction, they would have put a larger splash damage radius in. I don't know how many people I've placed rockets at their feet, only for them to keep on trucking like nothing happened.

The other thing that is frustrating is that even though there are such small imperfections that hold the game back, they have a really good strategy for getting people in the game with the VIP packs. Battlefield is a game I'd love to play with the Modern Warfare engine/control scheme. The size and structure of the game is ideal, and the maps are fairly well designed for good choke points. Which is nice that the free to VIP players map packs feature new games types. It's another shot at pirates and used games sales (read Gamestop), and I'm in favor of that.

Here's a trailer, thanks to our friends at Joystiq.

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