Battlefield Big

I'd only played a small sample of any of the Battlefield games. Devoid of a main story, I was never enticed to try the game, because there is no way I could say I have finished the game. Bad Company 2 changed that. The nice part about the game is exactly what I'd wanted it to be, big open worlds with destructible environments. The bad part are well, a bit less obvious.

I'me sure you've heard by now that BFBC2 is trying to take over modern Warfare. Honestly, otuside of a few salvo's in thta direction from the main campaign, I can't say that's true. Here's the thing, Infinity Ward made a much better single player experience. And that says alot considering just how crazy the game actually was. The story in BC2, could be good, but the levels are too large with no real reason, and the enemies too easy to kill as a result that it looses any impact. It also doesn't hurt that the team just feels like they are jokes themselves. Having someone call out spec ops, and then turn around and say he's not cut out to do what they do, just cemented that idea for me.

But the Single Player is not the reason to play this game.

The multiplayer game is large and fast. The fun part is that these are the types of levels I've wanted in a shooter for a while, and with so much actual destructible structures, it makes the fighting fun, and frustrating. The worst part about a large stage is teh travel time to get back to the fight, but it's not something I would trade.

User beware though, like alot to almost all the current gen games, expect to have to overcome some challenges if you are playing on a standard definition TV (like me)!

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