Fun with xploitiing?

Somehow this wasn't the only reason the game wasn't fun to me.

I played through Bioshock with my eyes open and my mind hoping to find this huge experience that everyone was raving about. I never had it. I played it on the Xbox360, one of the platforms it was made for, in all it's glory.

Is it pretty?


Could you see how pretty from how dark it was?


Could I see the innovative game design and challenges?

Nope, played like a substandard shooter, with less exploring elements.

Maybe there was something innovative in the powers?

Nope, pretty straight forward, and limiting, since I couldn't be creative to use them on mission givers.

And after all that, there is Chambers. The first time I got out of a chamber and saw that I was alive and everything else was in the same state as when I'd died, I knew the game was gonna be downhill. I don't know how something like that gets out of testing without someone saying "This is gonna be exploited". I don't know how it makes it to the final shipping stage without someone thinking are we undermining our challenge. Did we get people to be immersed in this world we've created?

It looks like they've thought about some of that the second time around, but after missing that first glaring hole, it makes me wonder where they'll take the dirt from to fill it.

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