Thanks for small miracles

This article is a mix of both a sigh of relief and the pangs of defeat.

On the down side, the makers of a great series won't be adding what could be a fantastic movie to their story, but on the up side there's no chance the movie will not live up to the game.

Surprisingly, alot of people think today that the 7-40+ hours they spend experiencing a game will translate into 90-120 minutes completely for a movie. I've never understood that. The game experience is something that of immersion. Not only are we seeing and hearing, we are deciding our actions in the game. Solving puzzles, shooting bad guys or aliens, and sneaking and getting caught. The tension we have in trying to complete an objective is ours, and would pale in comparison to just watching someone on screen, who we know in the back of our heads will get it right eventually.

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