Worth the wait

Power issues affect internet, and my apologies for the missed post, but there is silver lining.

The most anticipated game this year launched today, and not only is it expected to be the best seller this year, but it's also on the way to being the most. And for those of you who never played Modern Warfare, well let's just say you need to catch up.

I'm relatively sure that the two games are connected in idea, spirit and theory, but that you can probably pick up Modern Warfare 2 and go. Now the interesting part about this is that PC users won't be allowed to run their own dedicated servers. While I'm sure this won't break the market. there are alot of people who want to mod this game and run their own clan server, and with combat this good I can imagine why.

IMO Modern Warfare 2 is definitely the start of the holiday shopping season.

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