One of the best looking games

Let's be honest. Check the site and you can see the video, but Modern Warfare 2 is one of the best looking games anyone's expected. It's tough to say that with so many of the current generation games looking so good as well, but Infinity Ward really did a job with the look and feel of it. The thing I'm really looking forward to with this game though is the immersion.

In the first Modern Warfare, you could tell they were trying to create an experience that felt inspired by our troops overseas, but that they were trying to tie in a story about fighting terrorism, and a feel for military life. This time around it looks like they have broken from generic stereotypes of terrorists and really gotten into their own narrative. It's tougher to get something going than it is to expand on a success, but I think this time IW really hit a home run on the first player experience. I imagine a lot of people will complain about the multiplayer, but for me as long as the core game is fun and beautiful I know I'll be happy.

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