If there is one thing that I cacn say about Champions, it's that it is physically beautiful. If I were to expand on that the beauty is very scaleable. My laptop has a basic GeForce 9300M card, which is no where near the most powerful mobile card (considering it's over a year old), but the game run smooth with the tone down. Due to some personal issues I'd been away from home and playing on the laptop, and while I knew I was missing the detail that my desktop could provied, I was still getting a smooth gameplay experience. That type of range is something you don't always get to see.

I suppose that's the beauty of the using a comic book inspired theme.

The interesting part for me right now is that Frank, my first ton is at level 38 of the 40 level cap. Now I'm sure I will run around with him and badge whore, but the leveling experience is something that this game does well. Listening in to the Zone talk, there is nothing to do at 40 if you don't plan on PVP except Perk hunting, or leveling a new toon, and while I expected as much early on, it's just now setting in that I can get all the fun of exploring the landscape again, just with a new set of powers and a whole new way to figure out how to get things done.

I think it'll be interesting, to say the least

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