The most interesting thing was released to Beta last week. Champions Online created the Champedia, which is basically the encyclopedia of all the player characters in the game.

You can search through it by name or by handle to find characters you've created or friends have created or people you just saw and wanted to see their stats. Champions already had a way to find characters in game, but the Champedia will streamline that process.

The world of Champions Online is all one world and instances that you can jump between, so in theory every plays together. This works out well here, since it almost always seems like you will see new and interesting heroes popping up. The downside though is that it is murder on the need for a team. Considering how fast people come in and out of your game life, the Champedia is a nice way to get ideas on different builds and research that person that may have come in and saved your life (or stolen your kill).

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