Starting over

So I did the thinkable yesterday and hit level 40 with my first toon Frank. 40's the level cap, but it seems like Cryptic may still have some plans for adding levels later in the game. I say this because even though I am max level, I still ahve a free slot open for a power. In Champions, you get a new power in increments of 3 levels starting at level 5, so the next power would be at 41 (at least in theory).

The nice part is that even at 40, I still seem to have a ton of Nemesis missions that should pop up randomly, and I don't feel like I'm anywhere close to actually taking mine down, but the dynamic content they create has been nice. My Nemesis minions seem to want all the glory of taking my down themselves, so they rarely attack when Frank is overwhelmed. My friend Mortis though, his minions apparently are ruthless and only want to make sure he's dead.

The nice part though is that there is still alot of mission and content left for me to finish. I don't know how people are complaining about there not beign enough missions to level, because I just did it, in a little over a month (would have been less had I really tried). Even taking some missions above my level and looking at the Crime computer to mark mission givers, I still ended up with alot left for him. I also made sure to do some badge collecting or perk hunting as it's called here. You get xp for finding them, and they are in this case just bonuses for exploring where you are.

So today I rolled a new toon (today being Wednesday), and the honest wierd part is that I think with every toon you learn a little more about the game. I really feel that Frank is such a perfect toon in regards to my play style that there's no other way I could play, but then I roll Talia (Frank's Daughter) and she's every bit as dangerous as her father, but in a whole different way. In some regards it's a testament to the system that you can create characters from the same powers and they feel totally different, but in reality that is one of the parts that the game needs to expand the most on. Alot of the powers feel or are very similar, so much so that the only thing that is different is the name. don't get me wrong electricity isn't force, but sometimes they feel very close.

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