A Change of Pace

I wanted to take a break from MMO's for a second and tell everyone that if you haven't played Boom Blox (either version) for the Wii, you should give it a try. The concept is simple. Throw things to knock other things down, and the execution is very good. There are some times when the controls can get unresponsive, but overall these are good family games that will entertain and challenge you.

The game is from Steven Spielberg, so the art, and music quality are very good for the situation, and the actual physics are pretty tight. That is to say that how hard or light you throw something actually comes off that way, and if you can figure out the angle to shoot something and have it deflect to somewhere else, then it will work.

I only have one real problem with the game.

I want more.

The game touts throwing bowlling balls and baseballs early on to knock gems off their stands. Perfect concept as far as I'm concerned. They eventually add bombs, and different types of blocks that do other things that help you knock the gems down. Still great.

Then it starts to expand to a hand tool for games like Jenga. You can control the camera, so this can take some time and skill, but I want to throw things not pick them up. You also get a slingshot tool (in the second game: Boom Blox: Bash Party) that allows you to well that's self explanatory. You shoot the points into multipliers and aiming can be fun and delicate.

Now don't get me wrong, these other options are great, I just want to throw more baseballs in the house.

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