Blast from the Past

K, this one interested me.

On Steam you can get a copy of Star Wars Galaxies, the Complete Online Adventures and your purchase there will get you the TSMEU-6, better known as Grievous' bike from Episode 3. The bike itself is kinda cool, and the Friday feature had a youtube video of it running and jumping (yes jumping) around on Naboo, Corellia and Tatooine. It's not a bad deal, for all the collectors out there that need to have it all.

The other release that really caught my attention (and I had a chance to play) was the release of Super Mario Brothers Wii. The game is so far a perfect throwback to the side scrolling platformers before Super Mario 64, except this time they also added in some good feature.

Every side scrolling Mario had a few things in common: Mushroom, Fireflower, inertia so you don't stop immediately when you stop running and timing jumps. This one is the same, but they also brought back the other moves you got used to: wall jumping, and butt stomping, in addition to the new propeller suit and the ice flower. The game also integrates the wii-mote (with or without the nunchuck) and has a multiplayer mode where more all the people are playing the game at the same time.

Which means everyone needs to make the jumps.

There is an interesting addition to this though: In multi, you can put yourself into a bubble where you don't do any damage, and can't take any damage. You're effectively out of the game if a part is too hard for you, but you float up and around the other players, so they can jump through the tough part and then break you back out if needed. It's a nice team mechanic that could be used to carry novice players. The other interesting part is that you can pick each other up, or jump off the top of each others heads, but you can't occupy the same space at the same time.

And that's the challenge, and as such the fun.

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