It is the Far Cry!

It looks confirmed that Far Cry 3 is in development. For as much as you can trust anything.

This was one of my favorite games, mostly for simulation and open world aspects. It wasn't perfect, in that you could kill an area and come back and it be totally repopulated, but it was very well done overall (at least the PC version. I hear there were some complaints about the consoles).

Which brings me to the big point. It's tough to decide which version of a game you want, and which one is the best. For me most of the time, if a game is developed on or for a specific platform I will end up getting it there, rather than the port, but sometimes it's just too tough to tell.

Honestly I think most FPS are best on the PC, but the design of COD4: Modern Warfare, really is one that I can't imaging wanting to play there. There isn't a cover system, so you really end up hiding as best you can between bursts of fire. Something that too me feels like a controller mindset. I know people loved the game despite, and I'm sure it's excellent whereever, but it does have a certain feel to it.

Another example is the always classic, Half-Life series. There isn't one version of the game that I could imagine playing on a console. From the start to the finish that series was build to be played with wasd, and a mouse (don't ask me how lefties do it). Even now as I wish for another Episode, I'm hoping I won't have to upgrade my computer too much to play it.

I doubt it will ever see the insides of my console.

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