Looking forward

So the real inevitable was annonced.

I can't imagine anyone not expecting Star Wars: The Old Republic to not have jedi, but for some reason people seemed surprised to find it out. I honestly thought this as gonna end up being one of the first classes they announced, but I think they took some time to make sure they got it right. Still surprising that BH and trooper took higher announcement billing.

The interesting part is that they are still taking entries for the closed Beta testing, and the servers seem to be a bit more stable now that the initial chaos is behind us.

Bioware though is a huge studio, or at least an efficient one, and they also managed to make a game that has been stirring in the back of my mind for quite a while now. I imagine, Penny-Arcade doing a strip for it helped as well. Dragon Age, hopefully won't end up being like the original KOTOR (by that I mean overhyped), but it is something I intend to pick up either way.

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