The Greatest Story Ever Told (p2)

I was able to find some time to play this weekend, and leveled up a bit in the Chornicles system. There are 2 things I noticed.

First, Relics can be sold to the junk vendors for 1k per. Which is inline with the collection items, but since they drop so frequently they can also be a new form of grinding money. I don't plan on selling them though, since I actually enjoy the thought of making quests and having a lot of options in quest building relics is a plus.

This however does cause an annoyance since there are alot of people that are afk grinding the relics, either for the atk Chronicler or just to sell. Unfortunately alot of the legacy or quickspawn areas are camped, but since relics can drop anywhere, you can work around that.

Second, you can level up very quickly by making quests with as many different tasks as you can add. For a while I was making crafting quests with 6 different tasks in them and getting about 1300 per quest (with an ent buff). It helped alot. Then I made combat quests to burn through more xp. I'm still only able to use level 1 relics, so I don't know if the xp will go up when I can make level 2 relic quests, but having the relics to create is crucial.

Now the interesting part that I've found is that even though you can master Chronicler, it doesn't mean that you can make a good quest. Alot of people are buying quests just to get tokens and probably getting burned by bad design.

I hope this give the player some consideration on how tough it can be to make a quest that everyone can understand/complete.

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