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Articles like this always fascinate me.

Game Update 13 is out, and having spent a little time making quests yesterday I can say I like it. The premise is simple. you get relic fragments or relics as you do things in the game. So far I haven't seen a cohesive drop pattern to any of them, with the exception of they drop alot. I got a level 3 Dantari Comm message relic off a level 5 Tusken last night. The relic levels are dependent on your actual Chronicle Mastery level, so with only 1 quest to my name, I can't use that Dantari Com just yet. That's fine, because I got a few level 1 comms as well.

10 relic fragments can be asssembled to get a random relic as well.

Basically all you do is combine your relic fragments in the quest builder to make quests. The trick to making good ones though is to pay attention to what you are adding. I know that sounds stupid, but just putting in a kill 10 of x mob quest isn't really effective if you don't tell the person where to get them. I've found so far that a good quest needs these things.

An incoming comm message. It personalizes the quest, so the quest taker has a reading of what is expected and what to do.

A travel to message. This at least points the person to the vicinity of where you need them to kill.

The actual objective. If it's kill or collect from these mobs, any combat quest is going to need what you want them to do.

In the quest I made last night, it was just a simple tourism quest. I took my Guild leader (who was the quest taker) to Deeja Peak Waterfall and then to Theed waterfall, all in the name of the Naboo Travel vacation authority. It earned me 66 Chronicler points and he got 2 tokens.

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