I deserve...

The hotfix for GU13 is out and already causing controversy.

The biggest thing that upsets some people is the sense of entitlement they have for quickly grinding out the available tokens to get the rewards. Now that some reward costs have been lowered they feel they deserver a refund.

I hope, and imagine that won't happen, since they paid for something under a certain system. The idea that somefeels they are entitled to a refund or something else is one that has gripped the Galaxies playerbase. I know people want to be the first to have items on display, but the price you pay to be the first is the price you pay. This theme has been popping up alot on the forums lately, with everything from calls for token returns to resetting the respec timer (which by the way was my favorite of all the insane "I deserve" threads).

Seriously, if you are up to 2 years before the decay timer is back to zero, you have a problem, that whether or not they reset the timer you would still have. I'm honestly hoping that when GU14 hits TC alot of this will be washed away.

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