Account wide unlocks

Having completed the unlock for the Celestial set this week, I had a chance to check out the powers available to me from it. Frank (my first and only toon so far) just hit level 32 so I'm only 8 levels from cap. In Champions you get a power every three levels, so it sort of forces you to think about your decisions, and when they add something like a whole new set, there's enough curiosity to tempt a paid retcon to see how some of it works.

Franks mostly Might and unarmed martial arts, which both work off the Strength stat, so he's pretty solid. He's a toon I used to play on Wrestlemania 2000 for the N64, as well as No Mercy (back when THQ and AKI made games together). Translating him over (since I had this ever growing mythos surrounding him) actually went pretty smooth. The story is that he's one of the human agents that God uses to destroy evil, (basically an extreme Christian, if Christians actually FOUGHT evil), so he's all hands on and extremely destructive.

Now the interesting part is that Celestial is really a group centric powerset. the moves were ok, from what interested me, thought it does have a rez, which is nice. the only real problem I had with the powerset was that the animations are sooooo female angel (rebuke), that it's hard to make a 7 foot tall black 387 lb man look good doing them.

And ultimately that's the fun in Champions, trying to figure out the exactly what works with what you are trying to do.

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