Better late than never

Well I've been delayed on posting today ni part for RL issues, and in part because I am playing the seasonal content for Champions. The Bloodmoon content itself is pretty fun, even if you do hate zombies and trust me there are alot of zombies in there to hate.

The good part is that completing the 13 crypts and freeing all the spirits trapped by the undead lord will grant you access to the new celestial power set. I don't know that I would ever fully role a toon in one power set, but if the heals in celestial are nice, it may be something I will pick up, since I have a moderate one now.

This game is one that you can play solo (which seems contradictory to a MMO), but there are tons of part that will probably require a team to beat it in a decent amount of time. The Blood Moon content is like this. In order to solo it, you have to be so far about the level in the area of the crypt that you compensate for the damage they might give or take. I'm 31 on my main, and I could solo the lvl 18 crypts mostly. The last boss took 2 tries, but the level 27 boss murders me everytime.

Luckily I have a friend in game, so that makes it alot easier. Feel free to jump in and try it out this weekend as they are running a free trial! Also here's a link to the Bloodmoon video!

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