Takofanes made me do it!

They made me do it.

They keep offering content that is based on a new story, a new heroic situation or a new threat resurgence. My toon is at 35 now and with 40 being the level cap. I know that the game is still too new to have a fully outlined high end content, but in my mind the journey with a character has always been the main point of this game.

For example, with Galaxies, the real endgame is either PVP, or collections. The leveling is very easy and you don't get anything you can't undo/unequip/respec. There's nothing wrong with this, but it's something that just kinda comes up on you, since when you start the game it seems to be going in a different direction than what you actually get at 90. With Champions, it's kinda the same except it's a bit more transparent. The quests, levels and areas will all be explored by the time you are 40 (multiple times actually), so you'll either then be perk hunting (badge collecting) or rolling a new toon to try the leveling with a different powerset.

The retcon system here is something that does inspire you to think about your powers a bit more. You can buy any power you qualify for from any set, which makes your character unique, but it also makes you think if you have the stats to use that power efficiently, and shuffling stats isnt' the easiest option, especially once you've hit the mid levels. The main reason for this is that early on you can "super-stat" 2 select stats, and that will provide the huge direction of your toon. you can balance out the other stats a bit, but that early bonus will keep in your mind.

The other reason the retcon works better with the open power set, is that you have all 8 toons available, and since there all the places are instanced, and you can change instance at any time, you never feel like they are in separate places. Since all your toons are in the same world there's no need to have 2 of the same toons. Now this instance setup wouldn't work in Galaxies, mainly because of the resources and player housing, but those things aren't in Champions, so it works well here.

But there is one thing I would love to see in other places. The C-store! More on that next time.

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