This wierd playerbase of ours.

If you feel the TCG is a lottery, this post might not be for you.

First off, have some respect.

Alot of people like the TCG, myself included. I don't spend tons of extra money buying packs, and I don't sell any loot I get in packs. It just sits on whichever toon I decide. I understand that you are mad that people will pay for something they like, but there are people who play the TCG who never log into the main game. To attack someone personally for their own choices with their money is not only childish, but moronic, and hypocritical. It's just as easy for someone to say to you that paying to live a life in a game is a waste of time as at the end of the month you are $15 less (at least) than you started.

The threads on the forums calling for boycotts and the ridicule of people who buy packs is so far past reason there is no description for it.

Second off, We heard you the first time.

You don't play the game, we got it. Why do you care what someone else who enjoys the game does. You claim that the developers would be working on more fixes or content if they weren't doing the TCG, but then you claim the devs are slow and never post anything. Since the NGE began, the devs have worked at their pace to get fixes, items and content into the game. There is no evidence to show that we would get any more attention to the main game than we already do.

Repeating that ideas for content only make it into the game via TCG is like saying babies grow from tomatos. Alot of people have had similar ideas for items both good and bad. That includes the development team. It never fails to amaze me how many people claim they came up with an idea for an item to put in game (take armored mounts for example). Outside of the fact that in real life armored mounts exist, it's kind of hard to create a mount without weighing the option for making it armored (especially back when they launched and we could fight from the top of them.

Third: way2generalize
"You partake in a facet of gameplay that I do not; therefore, you are of substandard intelligence."

I saw this quote when someone was calling out a generalization. It's sarcasm at it's best and very accurate. So many people in this game play so many options of this game that it is and has always been impossible to satisfy them all at once. There are the hardcore at PVP, Space, PVE, TCG, Entertainer, Storyteller, Crafting. Everything you can do there is someone who enjoys it, someone who excels at, and someone who never tried it. In no way does that gauge the aptitude of the person. If we believed that they the MMORPG people who say we are idiots for playing a sinking game would be smarter than us all, and we know that is the not the case.


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