A side story

With so many new things on the horizon, it's another nail-biting time for Galaxies players.

I had an interesting thing happen the other day. This guy I was training with at work, asked what games I played. We were talking about console for a while, and then he asked what my favorite game was, to which I responded "Galaxies". Well he looks at me like I said something in greek. I start to explain, then he goes "I know what it is. It's just uhhhh. To me it was better before Sony took it over".

Now this kid is all of 18, so I respond, "Sony launched it, what are you talking about?"

Him - No, they just got control and then made it so you could start as a jedi.

Me - I've been playing since the second month. Sony has always had the game. And that change was 4 years ago.

Him - Well, I'm just waiting for TOR. It looks awesome.

Me - Yeah it looks cool

It always amazes me how fast people are to criticize Galaxies, yet they have no idea of what they are talking about. The posts I read at MMORPG (when I rarely go there) always bash the game, though some people haven't even played it since Pre-CU.

Who knows!

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