Shadow Syndicate now live!

Wow with the weekend blur, I seem to have missed alot regarding the TCG. Yesterday the Shadow Syndicate officially went live. So chances are anyone wondering what that large update without patch notes was now has an answer. Like the expansions before it, it's pretty much still the same game, only now they are upping the challenge a bit more, and offering some cards that help.

But we all know what you are here for, what's the loot?

Well, this is the 5th expansion pack for the Trading card game and they have definitely gone toward house decorations this time around. Comparing the current loot set with the older expansions, you can see that they dropped the buffs, and made only a few wearable items. Vehicles stayed about the same, and there are no vendors or greeters this time around. These two items though really caught my attention.

The LCD screen is something I have wanted for a while, since it is one of the cooler items npc's had. The Breakthrough painting is interesting though because it actually grants a title. I could be wrong, but I think this is the first time a title has been granted through the TCG. It's also a cool painting from what I can tell.

Also the wierdest Tournament Pack reward to date is available until September 25th.

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