Fan Wedding (Special Edition)

Obviously, there was no post yesterday, and my apologies for that, but I was out of town at one of my best friends wedding. We'll be back on point tomorrow with regular Mon, Wed, Fri posts.

The interesting part when two Star Wars fans get married is to watch them deny which fan items they own is actually theirs. Now both of them play Galaxies, and while their toons have been married in game for a while, the Out of Game wedding was a big deal.

Admittedly, I have problems, but I did manage not to make too many Star Wars references during the occasion, and left them out completely during my toast (of which no one could easily follow). I did however get a text in the middle of the reception letting me know that the KogaWolfe in-game wedding of 2004 was the greatest Naritus server event of all time! All time!

I had the phone on vibrate.

It's going to be odd not having Naritus around after October, but I honestly hope that with the new Chronicles system and Story teller, that we will have some really good server events coming up. I feel like I will have to get a server first on one of my toon on Flurry now, since that's the new home.

Congratulations Triad and Jacie!

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