Buddy Movies

WOW, the new buddy initiative has some interesting rewards.

The last time they ran the invite a buddy, the token rewards were the Prequel Trilogy paintings, which went along well with the "A New Hope" painting that was an in game gift. This time they are giving some miniatures, of some decent items, and an exclusive light bending pod racer. The light benders are cool in that they are the same size as the regular item, they're a vehicle, but you can see through them and they give a cool effect as terrain moves by them.

This is another good attempt to get the playerbase to promote the game, and bring in people based off their enthusiasm. The promo ends on Oct 15th, the same day as the server closings, so the must be hoping to bring people in to the new consolidated servers.

The most interesting part about this though, is that for all the trial accounts that transfer to full accounts within that time, they new player will receive a "holocron of knowledge" which will automatically make a character level 50. That's not bad (and is a huge amount of powerleveling), but the interesting part is that they are doing it so more people will be able to participate in teh GCW update soon after.

There's alot riding on that update now for sure.

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