The beginning of the end?

Realistically, anyone who didn't see this coming wasn't looking.

The sad news for me is that I will be seeing Naritus go, but I do hope the old server community can come together and get one last party to watch it close. Alot of us have gone to other servers to continue our game play, but to reroll a low level toon for such an occasion would be fun. I've had a toon named KogaWolfe's Ghost haunting Naritus for a few months now.

This server closing brings up some good points though. Eventually every game will close. I can't imagine an infinite MMO, simply due to the fact that newer games will clone the successful parts and eventually make them better. I personally think Galaxies will be around for a 10th anniversary, but if it doesn't I had fun. I can always look at games like Planetside that are older than SWG, and see that even after multiple server mergers, the game has leveled off on it's population and has a consistent community.

It's inevitable that community will change and shrink. Just the fact that the game is no longer new is sometimes reason enough for people to leave. It has nothing to do with fun or community, some people just like to taste but never feast.

On the plus side, we will have more people on the servers which is always better for the enjoyment of the game.

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