This article from Kotaku leads me to think it also applies more the TOR than any of the rumors about the game going around. Bioware, makers of both The Old Republic and Dragon Age, might be onto something here, and the chance that both games iwll be a success is high.

I have to imagine that the anniversary promo packs were a decent success for the TCG. I think alot of people that love the card game, probablly jumped at the chance for discounted older packs, as opposed to paying the same price. I also imagine there is no way for me to know for sure. What I do know is that they announced the new promo card for the Shadow Syndicate. This week you can get the Jix promo card. I usually down for any card that has +2 damage, and having 3 health is a big bonus for me as well. I doubt the gameplay will be too revolutionary, since none of the changes have been so far.

The biggest controversy surrounding the TCG currently though is the announcement of the rewards (as usual). Players will have a chance to receive no only an AT-AT house (kinda cool), but a Starshipp hangar, which is something the Pilot forums have been asking about for years. The details haven't been released on exactly what the hangar will do, but at this point it almost doesn't matter. The post has been written and the content announced, so even if it's not exactly what they want, it's like what they want so the forum hounds have been released. Also of note is that a hangar lite has been announced as well, but things like that rarely appeases the savage.

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