Continuing the TCG News story

SOE is celebrating the first anniversary of the Trading Card Game for Galaxies.

It's tough to say the TCG is a success on the forums without alot of backlash, but it's definitely a popular topic. In business terms they've taken something that was slowing in money making (our core game), and added a purchase option, (which is in no way mandatory) and used it to bring in more income. From that point of view it's a success.

There are people who play the TCG exclusively, and don't log into the main game. you can meet them hanging around the TCG tournaments. They would be a source of more income, that enjoy the trading card games nuances, and continue paying a monthly fee for a game they don't play that much. From a busines point of view it's another success (less complaining customers in a manner of thinking).

They also are not introducing game breaking items into the core game at a decent rate, without allowing the overpopulation we would see with an in game patch. This keeps some things rare, and since the combat buffs are on average 3 min buffs on a hour re-use timer, then we aren't seeing things overpowered as well. I would say this is a successful implementation.

But I see where the fan base is mad. Some ideas for the TCG are taken directly from the forum requests for new content. The fans don't want to feel like they have to win a lottery or try to buy the pot in order to get some of the cool things they want. On the former I agree, I wish more of the item ideas we place forward were implemented through regular game updates. Though on the latter it doesn't bother me as much since, I seem to be one of the lucky ones.

I know that's not fair, but it's not like I can do anything about that right.

Also for anyone getting the 10 packs in honor of the anniversary, do understand that they are no trade. So make sure you get them on the account you want them on. And that included the playing cards and the loot!

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