Not a made up story.

With the seemingly across company server maintenance, it's a little hard to post links for proof, but believe me when I say that the next expansion for the TCG has been announced. This one will follow Dash Rendar and Prince Xizor and some of the loot rewards announced have the forums up in arms... again.

The nicest thing they announced as a reward (at least to me), is the AT-AT housing. I think that will really make the landscape nice, in the same way it is nice to go to a city and see the meditation temples. Say what you will about the distribution (and people definitely have), but one thing the random TCG loot does do is keep items rare. The meditation temples are just rare enough that everyone has probably seen one, but not too many people have one. I don't mind this aspect, since it keeps the skyline from looking very medieval.

Alot of people though are in arms claiming that the TCG is a random lottery, and that as a business practice it is no good. I have to disagree there. As a business practice, it actually brilliant, since it is a decently robust game, that people do enjoy. It also is free to play for a Galaxies subscriber, but increases revenue for off of people that want better decks. I don't really hold on to the idea that people pay tons of money for just the chance at loot cards. I buy my packs for the in booster cards and the rare TCG cards (I love my Imperial Guard card), and I'm happy when i get an ingame item. Yes I wish I could get some of the big ticket items like the houses, but there are alot of loot that I got through the free packs that probably won't ever be claimed.

I do understand the e-rage though, as alot of the ideas that people are posting for in game items are showing up through the TCG loot system. It must be frustrating to some people who don't play the game, but as someone on the forums said (and I'm paraphrasing): "I just grind my credits in game when I want something that for sale from the TCG. It may suck, but I end up with what I want."

That's good old fashion ingenuity right there.


quba said...

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TriadDragon said...

My continued favorite argument is that SOE is "making" people buy the packs because of the loot. For the most part, the items are decorative. I think the only ones that have had any sort of function is the barn (which has a crafted equivalent now) and the diner (which gives a bonus to chef and SW but I never thought it was more than what you can get with personal mods and a city). Sure most of the loot would be nice to have but they really don't "do" anything. I want them for my own personal collection desires but there is nothing I have seen that feels like a "have to have."

I think the idea of buying the specific items you want with in-game credits is the best for the people that cling to the lottery aspect. The boosters are designed for those that enjoy playing the game and the in-game loot is a bonus. People that are spending hundreds of dollars (and I have talked to several) looking for loot are the ones that are the vocal, angry mob. These are the ones that should be spending their in-game money and not their real life money. Let those that enjoy playing (and I am willing to bet there are WAY more than the mob says there are) get the boosters and distribute the loot. Or just keep opening your 5 free packs a month.

The only change I would make (if I were to make one) would be that I would like to choose which set my 5 free come from. I personally buy around 5 packs a month (if I buy any at all) and normally try to grab from each set. But I would love to be able to keep getting the original set (for example) until I get the loot/playable cards I want and then move on.

The last option to consider for those people that are buying entire boxes at a time and getting mad they didn't get their G9 is that they should also be using the TCG trade forums to get what they want. That area is not limited to server so you will get a wider base of buyers and you can trade the cards you aren't using or un-opened boosters to get the items you are specifically looking for. Just understand that you are going to have to trade a ton of playing cards in hopes to get a loot item. Don't go over there thinking you are going to get every loot card for your 65 standard playing cards.